I created this blog for 3 reasons.

Firstly, to document my adventures and misadventures in Seoul by means of a visual/script based diary. I have been living here for almost four years.

Secondly, to document my thoughts and feelings I am too often afraid to voice or admit. This is a process by which I become naked, sober.

Finally, since I have embarked on a mission to find creative freedom which began some time ago, with the help of Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artists Way’ and having the space to recommence, as well as a promise to be more true to myself and who this ego “I” is, well, this blog is here to document that. So this is the journey.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Cindy

    I just stumbled across your blog while looking up Burning Man Korea, but found out it’s not until the second half of the year. It’s a pity as I’m coming to Korea in a few days! I’m from Australia but have Korean heritage and am going to be studying in Cape Town from June – guess your blog leaped out at me since you’re about to go back to South Africa. There are a few Burning Afrika events on later this year – hopefully I’ll make it there 🙂

    I’m going to be travelling alone in Korea for a couple of weeks and have no set plans… was wondering if you had any particular recommendations? I think I’ll go to Jejudo for a while for hiking and diving, but would love a recommendation on other places good for hiking, yoga, any kind of nature, anything at all that pops into mind for you! I’ll be flying in and out from Seoul so have lots of flexibility between Jejudo and Seoul…

    Thanks heaps!! Susie

  2. I work with the Tokyo Journal, Japan’s oldest and most prestigious English magazine and we are preparing to roll out a number of journals in S. Korea, China, and Taiwan. We like your work and we’d like to include some of your articles and photos in our journals. I have included access to the most issue of the Tokyo Journal which will give you an idea of what we are planning on doing as we expand our network to Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities with new city magazines.
    Link to Tokyo Journal Issue #276
    Enter the case-sensitive password “TJGuest276″ and click “Submit Password”
    The PDF file will then download to your computer
    Given that we are starting several magazines at once we do not have a large budget and cannot afford to pay the contributors at least in the beginning but it will provide a little coverage as our publications tend to get included on airlines, etc. Would you be interested in sending us one article per month for inclusion in our journals?
    We are also interested in having you perhaps do some reporting in and around town in Seoul. If you are interested please contact us by Skype or e-mail. Skype is preferred if possible. Our Skype ID is tokyojournal.
    With kindest regards,
    Shreya Bose
    Tokyo Journal International

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