A dash of Fiction

Work in Progress #1. Please give feedback…

(I know you have experienced this before, we all have. Those moments that lock you eternally in time. Those moments that feel so real they might never end. Those moments where life and love feel so tangible, it is hard to not sink your teeth into their very flesh. This is one of those moments.)

We lay in bed. Our feet and legs locked together. Our bodies moulded to each other to fit like lock and key. Your arms loosely wrapped around my torso, and mine gently cushioning your head. I held your hand squeezing your fingers in mine, in moments, breaking the grasp to touch your face, smooth your hair. Our eyes wide and sparkling like sea scapes burning in a sun beam. Our mouths curled in half moon smiles when we weren’t kissing, when we weren’t laughing, when we weren’t talking about our lives, our secrets, our dreams. Moments of recognition that were so real and tangible they pulsed and popped like effervescence on my skin. A twosome, a pair. Full lipped smiles as warm as Spring’s sun. Whole bodied kisses that stretch to eternity in a moment. Those green days of love held us in infinity, we reached that timeless space we felt only we would, should and could ever reach. We felt invincible in that embrace. The whole world slipping away from us; away from our minds, away from our thoughts, with the only hint of reality being that infinitesimal knot, barely discernible. But you know the one. Hidden in the expanses your mind and imagination, concealed in the gut; almost unrecognizable by will itself, of wanting to ignore it, of wanting to not listen… That this too will fade.


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