Munsan Soldier, November 2011

I recently met an American Soldier,

weeping the wrath of his enemy nation,

by sprouting loathsome seeds of separation –

“North Korea you mutha Fuckers!

I will shoot them if they come near!”

First, this hatred spawned

by dictators and men in power,


nurtured by men at the flanks fighting for “their” countries.

Does he not know the truth


they are him, and he is they

And the them he hates is he himself?

North Korean soldiers might retaliate

in equaled anger and blind pride,

blackening their empty mouths with tainted speech

“Damn you Yankee Imperialist Bastards!”

How do they find the energy in their malnourished bodies,

to be vessels of so much hate,

Do they not know the truth


they are you, and you are they,

And the you they hate are them themselves?


4 thoughts on “Munsan Soldier, November 2011

  1. Very well written Cindy, although I’m afraid to ask where this came from…you been hanging with DMZ dudes in KATS BAR or what?!! 🙂

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