63 City Building

What comes to mind when I think of the 63 sky building in Yeoido-dong is simply “you never know who is watching…” The Sky Lounge features a 360 degree view of Seoul. Much of what you can see on an overcast, hazy day in Seoul is just that – clouds and haze, and well, buildings, although I do not contest that this would be spectacular on a clear day. I took  a few pictures of the sprawling city and the Han river stretching out below although much of the view was hidden in blue and grey. I found it unnerving that for a simple 500 won I could use the telescopes provided and not only gaze into said smog, but also peer into peoples apartments, or at least into in the apartment blocks and the streets. My natural curiosity nearly relished this opportunity, but I somehow managed to avoid this, and walk away, reminding myself to do unto others as you would have done to you.

The 63 Building used to be one of the tallest building in Seoul and boasts an aquarium, a wax museum, an IMAX theater, the Sky Art Gallery as well as numerous offices, restaurants and a few clothing stores. honestly this exploring session was incredibly dull. My favourite stop of interest was the Art Gallery. As much as I love simply wandering and looking at art, the most appealing thing to me was the Wish Wall. It consisted of numerous Hearts, cut out of cardboard, all pasted along a wall, all containing a wish from someone, inspiring the sentimental side of me. I also found a work of art consisting of tiles, each tile representing someone’s interpretation of love be it by a simple heart, or numerous hearts or simply the word love.

I visited the wax museum next, and this was truly a let down. The figures themselves were badly made up and unrealistic. I also thought the museum was small and lacking in content, as it took me only 5 minutes to walk through the entire area.

I decided not to venture into the IMAX theater or the aquarium and have to say, the highlight of this day out was actually the bicycle ride I took around the Han River. I only had an hour to spare, and just cruised around the river on a rickety bicycle. It cost only 3000 won and was worth it. The Han has a personality, and holds incredible history beneath its wearing bridges. I passed other  leisure cyclists, hardcore cyclists, people walking, people having picnics, people fishing (out the Han River! – that fish is NOT safe!), people sailing, people sitting. All in all just people sharing this river space, sharing their stories and lives momentarily with this body of water – holding conversations, seeing life, keeping secrets.

I ended this day off with a walk around a random subway stop on the way home. I managed to capture some good pictures, rounding off a very okay day. All in all, venture to the 63 building on a clear and beautiful day, avoid the wax museum, and you should be pleased.


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