Sometimes I think I forget how to be human,
As if the veil falls from my eyes and I see things in a different way,
Where this dance of interaction makes no sense at all
Where I am standing so far outside myself, I have forgotten how to be,
Perhaps forgotten the appropriate response, any response.
Sometimes I wonder if all my responses are simply conditioned reactions,
And where the real ‘me’ lies, if it exists at all.
Sometimes I step so far within, I literally have to focus on each word and their desired linguistic value in my brain,
Just so I can fathom a hint of what you are saying.
Sometimes I lie on my floor for hours and wonder if time remembered to move forward.
Sometimes I wonder if my existence actually makes a difference to anything at all,
And I don’t mean that in that need for attention kind of way,
But more like what does this lifetime mean in an expanse of a trillion life times.
I would like to just for a while, borrow your consciousness and your mind,
Just so I could experience a different pattern of thoughts and views and for a while,
To know what it feels like to feel other than this.

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