Why we are really here…

So this mad Life that leaves me inspired on a good day and depraved the next, I realise your challenge to me. I can see your naked awareness and your truth and the gifts you offer me. This is what I will give back to you in return.

I promise not to be complacent. I promise not to be tepid. I promise not to be mediocre. Instead dear Life, I offer you my heart and soul, the very essence of which I am and the essence of which you are. There is no joke about it; we cannot wait for anything, we cannot wait for life to start. We have to hunger for it, and then search it out with all of ourselves. We have to long for it, and endure it and work for it, and treat it tenderly when we have found it. We have to make this happen. We cannot afford to idly sit by and if we have to wait, make our waiting active, that is ready for the opportunity as it arises, at any moment, poised, concentrated and awake.

If it is romantic love we want, we have to be ready – ready to be intimate, ready to be open and receptive, to love and to give love to share the depths of ourselves with another, else we are simply hiding ourselves, paying more into deceiving ourselves into the fake cocoon that we are actually being open when are are not. We have to know ourselves inside and out, or else how can we truly offer ourselves to another? We cannot play with the heart of another.

This art that we want, this creative soul that drives us, we have to open ourselves so radically to this that there is no going back. We have to commit to being torn apart in order to be whole. We have to cultivate this art, dedicate time, passion and our sanity to it in order to fully become it, in order to fully know it, in order to fully integrate it and be a master – in order to fully let it go and become one again without it.

We are dying everyday, and we live in so much darkness of our own life and love because we do not truly know who or what we are. I challenge you as I challenge myself, to go out, to find it, to be raw, to be open, to embrace loss, madness, fear and death, only so that we can return to sanity again, truly and deeply. This life means so much, we are constantly affecting others and consciousness itself, we cannot feel that we do not matter. We have to make this count, we have to live by example, we have to live by our hearts and we have to live by our truth. And to everyday, live like this, and everyday, to let it all go again because essentially, it is all bullshit and in the end, we have to let it go anyway. And we have to be perfectly unattached, so that we can be whole again.

With this, I want to know what moves you. I want to know what makes you feel, I want to know what brings you joy and I want to know what brings you pain. And all of it, to sum it up again, in this word – Life.

This is what I have to give back to you, dear Life.


13 thoughts on “Why we are really here…

  1. I wish others could posses such spirit and sense of commitment to the art of living. Truly a wonderful piece.

  2. Just words, words, words. Signposts. Sometimes we set up tent at the nearest signpost, proudly proclaiming, “We’re here!”

    You have a torch. Go burn some signposts down.

  3. “Set me as a seal upon your heart,
    As a seal upon your arm;
    For love is as strong as death,
    Jealousl as cruel as the grave;
    Its flame are flames of fire,
    A most vehement flame.

    Many waters cannot quench love,
    Nor can the floods drown it.”

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