Play to the heavens



© 2018 Cindy Smith


Writing Prompt #3

Write from the point of view of a stack of paper a few inches from the shredder…

The metallic jaws gnashed together as the sleek, dirtied paper slid inside. The wrinkled hands feeding it in didn’t even flinch. They methodically picked a piece from the pile next to me. Without Hesitation. GGGRRRZZZZ, it roared. The hands, mere ashen, dull from what may have been years of cigarette smoking, a white tan line existed where a ring once rested, puckering up the chubby flesh around it. Sad hands. Sad hands that were about to reach the end of the pile beside me. GGGRRRZZZZ, the hellish droning continued. I could feel the air thinning around me, next, my entity , my purpose of once carrying important data would be extinguished with one swoop of this hand. The slot would appear where I’d meet my untimely end. The razor edges would grip me, I’d be split into unfathomable pieces. Back to the earth. Back to where I came from.


DSC_0111-001Remember how we used to

impact each others lives;

youth clutching tightly

holding on, dependent, joyous;

without realising life’s many moments

would diffuse and disentangle and splinter;

we’d become like driftwood, coasting aimlessly

without direction, without weight,

into the streams of our days.


© 2015 Cindy Smith


We took a break from each others lives,

like shards of light splintered through the trees,

separated only by shadows.


© 2015 Cindy Smith


My eyes devise

a certain scene

when my heart isn’t seeing

My ears deceive

a certain truth

when my heart isn’t listening

My hands wonder

a certain deception

when my heart isn’t feeling

My mind contorts

a certain reality

when my heart isn’t open

All that remains,

is the heartfelt pursuit of truth